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Tyler Posey and Phem smiling with their arms around each other at an outdoor press event. The couple has just announced they're engaged.

Tyler Posey & Phem Are Engaged!

Teen Wolf star and musician Tyler Posey and singer Phem are engaged!

The couple announced their sweet news in an exclusive interview with People where he revealed he popped the question earlier this year:

“We got engaged in Cambria, California. Phem’s favourite place. We spend every Valentine’s Day there so it only felt perfect to do it there.”

Phem added, “It was just us alone on the beach. I should’ve known when he propped his phone up on a rock to film that something was up… but I had no idea.”

Tyler also tells the publication he designed the ring himself incorporating Phem’s favourite colour – green –  and that they plan on walking down the aisle in October.

The two were introduced to each other in 2020 by music producer John Feldmann. They worked on a song together before becoming friends and eventually dating in 2021.


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In the interview, Phem describes Tyler as “so kind” and someone who consistently strives to be a better person every day.

“He makes me laugh more than anyone. We have so much fun together!” (You can read their full interview here.)

And yes, the pair are still making music together too. Tyler recently released a new album, UNRAVEL, with guest vocals by Phem.


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FUN FACT: Tyler’s career in the entertainment industry soared back in 2002 when he landed a role opposite Jennifer Lopez in rom-com Maid in Manhattan. He was just 10 years old at the time and played Ty, the son of JLo’s character, Marisa. He has since credited JLo as being the one who taught him how to be professional on set, turn up on time and maintain a strong work ethic.

(Feature Image Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for IMDb)

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