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Vanessa Hudgens Confirms She’s Engaged to Cole Tucker!

Vanessa Hudgens is sharing some happy news!

The Tick, Tick… Boom! actor has confirmed her engagement to pro-baseballer Cole Tucker, taking to Instagram to show a sparkling ring on her (very well-manicured!) finger. Swipe below to see the close up:

“YES. We couldn’t be happier,” she captioned the pic.

Fellow actor Sarah Hyland perhaps had the best reaction to the news, commenting some lines from Wicked, The Musical:

“Couldn’t be happier,
Right here
Look what we’ve got
A fairy-tale plot,
Our very own happy ending 🎶.”

And yes, we know the tabloids have been on to this for weeks but at CelebrityKind, we like to wait for the celebs themselves to share their happy news (rather than leak it based on a blurry paparazzi photo or a mystery unnamed source), because sharing good news is one of life’s little joys – why take that away from people? (Also, perhaps, it’s none of our business unless they want to make their private news public?)

Vanessa and Cole have been dating since 2020 after they met on a Zoom group call.

“I got on the Zoom, and I’m like, ‘who is that?'” the High School Musical alum revealed during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show in May, 2021.

“I found him and we started talking.”

Congrats Vanessa and Cole!

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock)

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