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Saskia Hampele wears a deep burgundy dress at a red carpet event. She has one hand on her hip and her lipstick matches her dress.

10 Questions With “This Little Love of Mine” Star Saskia Hampele

It’s wholesome. It’s funny. It’s unbelievably charming. It’s the next movie you want to see if rom-coms are your thing.

This Little Love of Mine is a G-rated, Aussie-made tropical delight that gloriously showcases Far North Queensland and shines a light on an upbeat local cast and crew. We follow the story of Laura Price, played by Saskia Hampele (The Heights, Neighbours), an engaged and successful San Francisco lawyer on the verge of getting a big promotion who crosses paths with her childhood sweetheart back in Australia and finds herself questioning whether to stay with her fiancé.

Now I don’t want to give away too much but let’s just say, it’s the kind of movie that’ll leave a smile on your dial and a spring in your step!

I had the privilege of chatting to Saskia who simply glows in this role. We talk about everything from landing the lead to her wonderful on-air chemistry with co-star Liam McIntyre and more:

On-screen chemistry is obviously important – how did you and Liam make it seem so effortless?

Saskia: That’s nice, thank you. My husband has hung out with him and I know his wife so although we hadn’t spent a lot of time together, when we both found out we were getting the roles, it was a happy feeling!

Liam as Chip, seems like a nice guy and a good co-star.

Saskia: He is exactly that! No pretence, good fun to work with and he threw out a few improvised lines throughout making us laugh.

Was it an easy process landing the role of Laura?

Saskia: Funny story. I had auditioned to play Gem (which eventually went to flourishing talent Lynn Gilmartin) because planning before COVID hit, this film had a major international star attached. So, to my surprise, as it went back into production, it was sort of circling through suggestion that I play Laura. Apparently, Liam and I were envisioned as the leads.


Are you a hopeless romantic at heart in real life?

Saskia: (Laughs) I like romance and enjoy a good juicy rom-com but my husband and I forget our wedding anniversary each and every year, usually remembering five days late.

How good are you at the game Coconut Toss which you play in the film?

Saskia: Most of the shots I actually made perfectly! (Laughs)

Can you tell us something nobody knows about you – a habit, skill or talent?

Saskia: I used to do horse vaulting! Gymnastics on horseback!


Film insurance companies don’t like actors riding horses, do they? But it’s a great part of this film!

Saskia: Getting the script, one of the most exciting parts of playing this character was the chance to ride a horse along the beach. We were going really fast at times, no helmets, all good. But we had a drone following us and those horses did not like the drone which created interesting moments veering off into the bushes! But I did ride safely. Also filming all day, the tide had risen, they didn’t enjoy that either.

Does the Neighbours fan base still reach out to you, five years after being on the show?

Saskia: Of course! Especially when I’m in the UK. People recognise you. There’s a few die hard fans in particular who keep in contact.

Why should people seek out this breezy, lovely film?

Saskia: Having just experienced the tragic year of COVID, I made this film to tell a sincere, easy-to-relate-to love story. If viewers want to go to a cinema and switch off, to be transported to paradise with a heart-warming chuckle, this is the movie for you.

Will we see the continuing story of Laura and Chip?

Saskia: hadn’t thought of a sequel! But if people love it, why not?

This Little Love of Mine, Rated G, in selected Australian cinemas now. Coming soon to digital on demand.
(Feature Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com)


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