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Avril Lavigne Reveals She’s Turning Hit Song “Sk8er Boi” Into a Film!

Good news if Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” was your jam back in the day….

The singer has revealed she’s turning her 2002 Grammy-nominated hit into a film to mark the song’s upcoming 20th anniversary. (I know – how can it possibly already be 20 years?!?)

Speaking to She is the Voice podcast, Avril says she hopes to take “Sk8er Boi”, which was inspired by her own days in high school, “to the next level.”

And while she didn’t give any further details about what to expect, she did go into the concept behind the song:


“You know what is was like in high school,” she says.

“You have all the different groups and cliques and there’s like skaters, preps, jocks. It’s kind of like a missed opportunity at love! The skater boy is in love with the preppy girl and she’s too cool for him, but then five years from now, she’s feeding the baby and she’s all alone and she wishes she would have followed her heart and not tried to live up to society’s expectations.”

Avril recently signed a deal with Travis Barker’s DTA Records and released the single “Bite Me.”

She’s also due to release an album next year.

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock)

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