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Beyonce with her arms up and posing on the dark carpet for her 'Renaissance' film premiere

Beyoncé Reflects on ‘Renaissance’ Movie’s Impact & Success

Nearly a week after the premiere of Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, the superstar is reflecting on the movie’s enormous success and impact.

Taking to Instagram, Beyoncé revealed how making the concert film was “one of the hardest things” she’s ever done because of the short turn around time.

“I practically slept in the edit, colour and mix sessions. The race against time continued in order to get this film out so quickly. But it was so worth all the grind.”

And it certainly was – the film is currently sitting at no.1 at the U.S. box office and has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

She continued, “I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from my Hive. And WOW! I am so touched and encouraged by the incredible reviews!!!”

Beyoncé added that she loved seeing her fans dressing up in their “most opulent lewks” and dancing in theatres.

“I also love seeing the positive takeaways from people who were not my fans or didn’t know my story. The people who had no interest in seeing my shows who have now gained a deeper understanding and respect for all it takes to be a RENAISSANCE woman.”


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The film, which was released on World AIDS Day on Dec 1, was specifically chosen as a tribute to her late Uncle Jonny, a move which Beyoncé says she was very proud of. She also dedicated her Grammy’s win for Best Album this year to him.

Ending her message, Beyoncé writes, “I pray I continue to make something that lifts all of y’all up the way you continue to lift me up. While I’m often critical and feel my art is never finished, the pendulum swings. I feel gratitude. ‘We did it.'”

Her fans and friends flooded the comments section with messages of love for the superstar. Musician and The Little Mermaid star Chloe Bailey wrote, “so so so happy and proud, wow!!!” whilst Grammy-winning artist Darius Coleman commented, “Thank you for showing us the human side of you in this film. It makes us appreciate your incredible art even more. You are ONE of ONE!!!”

(Feature Image Credit: Mason Poole via Parkwood)

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