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WATCH: ‘The Color Purple’ Trailer Starring Fantasia Barrino


The trailer for The Color Purple – the new musical film – has finally arrived, and it will give you chills!

Yes, there was an old version released in 1985 starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey, based on Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name about a Black girl growing up in Georgia in the early 1900s. Decades later, The Color Purple received the Broadway treatment, earning itself two Tony awards in the process, and now almost 40 years on since the classic film was released, it’s hitting our screens once again.


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Who is starring in The Color Purple?

As The Color Purple trailer shows, the musical film stars 2004’s American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino as Celie who nailed the role in the earlier Broadway production. Orange is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks is starring as Sophia (also reprising her stage role), The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey will play a young Nettie Harris, Euphoria’s Colman Domingo is Mister, What Men Want’s Taraji P. Henson is Shug Avery and singer H.E.R is Mary “Squeak” Agnes.

Oprah, who starred as Sophia in the original film – and received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her role – is serving as a producer on the film alongside Steven Spielberg and Quincy Jones.


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What is The Color Purple about?

According to Warner Bros. Pictures, the film is “a bold new take on the beloved classic” which “invites you to experience the extraordinary sisterhood of three women who share one unbreakable bond.”

That’s about all they’re giving us so far, however the book and original 80s film follows the story of Celie Harris who has two children after being abused by her father, and is given away as a wife to Albert “Mister” Johnson who also abuses both her and her sister Nettie. The girls are separated and over time, Celie befriends Shug Avery, Mister’s mistress, developing a powerful friendship with her, and eventually Sofia too, who marries Celie’s eldest son. When she reunites with Nettie, Celie learns to stand up to the abusive men in her life.


When will The Color Purple be released?

The release date for The Color Purple is December 25, 2023.


(Feature Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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