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Henry Cavill Confirms He’ll Be Back as Superman!

Henry Cavill is officially back as Superman!

And sure, we were kind of expecting it … but now we know for sure. The actor has confirmed the news in an Instagram post, saying he waited to speak out until after the weekend’s Black Adam release – because, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it yet, but he and his red cape do make an appearance at one point.

“I wanted to make it official that I am back as Superman. And the image you see on this post and what you saw in Black Adam, it’s a very small taste of things to come. So there’s a lot to be thankful for.

There’s no word yet on how exactly he’ll be back – will there be a Man of Steel sequel? Will he appear as Superman in other DC movies?

Either way, it’s happening!

Henry ends his video by showing his gratitude for his millions of fans around the world: “Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience. I promise it will be rewarded.”

Check out his full message below:


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(Feature Image Credit: Fred Duval/Shutterstock)

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