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John Cena as his Mermaid Ken character in the new 'Barbie' movie.

John Cena’s Character in ‘Barbie’ Movie Unveiled!

We knew John Cena was going to be in the Barbie movie. We didn’t know just how glorious he would look as a mermaid Ken!

Or a “Kenmaid”, to be exact…

Yes, the actor’s character has finally been unveiled by Warner Bros. in a behind-the-scenes featurette shared with media. In it, he has long, luscious, blonde, wavy locks and he wears a shell necklace with a blue clam pendant over his bare, muscular chest.

“I think it’s gonna be a movie that all audiences enjoy,” he says in the clip. “I think it’s gonna be a movie that evokes conversation. And I think it’s going to be beautifully visually appealing.”

He adds, “And the ideas behind it, I think the audience will walk away with like, a mixed bag of opinions, which I think is the greatest form of entertainment. When you have one universal feel about a project, it’s not that it’s bad, but I think that when people can get into a fiery debate about something, I think that that’s good. I like that versatility.”


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John is part of an all-star cast lead by Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera and Issa Rae. Also appearing in Barbieland are Dua Lipa who’ll play a sparkly mermaid, Sex Education co-stars Ncuti Gatwa and Emma Mackey and Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan.

The cast have been on quite the press tour travelling from Los Angeles to London, Vancouver, Sydney, Seoul and more.


Barbie cast in Sydney, posing together at Bondi Icebergs.

America Ferrera, Issa Rae, Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

They’re now officially on strike with their union, SAG-AFTRA, announcing the move after negotiations with studios and streaming services asking for better pay, residuals and protection from artificial intelligence didn’t get anywhere.

Barbie will be released in Australian theatres on July 20 and internationally on July 21.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures)

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