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Margot Robbie Shares Significance of Harley Quinn Being Portrayed By Other Actors

Margot Robbie was recently asked about her thoughts on Lady Gaga potentially taking on the role of Harley Quinn in the upcoming Joker sequel – and her response was insightful.

During an interview with MTV, the actor who starred as Harley in Suicide Squad (2016), Birds of Prey (2020) and The Suicide Squad (2020) said it made her “so happy” to see someone like Gaga portraying the iconic character: “I said from the very beginning, all I want is for Harley Quinn to be one of those characters, the way Macbeth or Batman always gets passed from great actor to great actor.”

Margot points out that it’s something we rarely see happen with female characters. “There’s Queen Elizabeth I, but like beyond that – which I got to have a crack at as well, which I was honoured to do. I was like ‘Wow, Cate Blanchett did Queen Elizabeth. Now I get to.”


She goes on to explain that “it’s such an honour to have built a foundation strong enough that Harley can now be one of those characters who other actors get to have a go at playing.”

And she’s so right. Think about all the Spider-Men we’ve had, James Bonds, Hulks,  Doctor Whos – the list is endless.

Answering the interviewers question specifically about Gaga, Margot adds, “I think she’ll do something incredible with it.”

Lady Gaga confirmed her casting in Joker: Folie à Deux on social media just a few months ago, but it’s not clear yet whether she’ll be playing Harley Quinn.

(Feature Image Credit: Loredana Sangiuliano/Shutterstock)

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