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The Trailer For “The Kissing Booth 3” is Here!

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The trailer for the highly-anticipated teen flick, The Kissing Booth 3 is finally here – and it looks like Elle, Lee and Noah are in for a summer of wild parties, fun and big decisions.

The video features Elle and Lee (played by Joey King and Joel Courtney) and an old bucket list, which of course, they have to check off to make the most of their break before heading off to college.


“You’d get arrested for that one,” Elle laughs while looking at the list before we see some snippets of some of their very daring adventures including sky diving and swimming with sharks!

We also see Elle in the midst of making one of the biggest decisions of her life – going to Harvard with Noah (played by Jacob Elordi) or Berkeley with Lee.

Oh and to complicate things more, she also bumps into Marco (played by Taylor Zakhar Perez).

This is the third movie of the trilogy based on the self-published books by Beth Reekles which you can check out here.

Netflix appropriately dropped the teaser on July 6, which is the International Day of Kissing.

Oh, and you can lock in August 11 in your diaries, the movie’s official release date!

Check out the trailer below:

(Feature Image Credit: Netflix)

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