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Anna Goldsmith stares at the camera with headphones around her neck. She has just released her new single "Go"

Anna Goldsmith’s New Single “Go” is a Beautiful Reminder to Be Yourself

Anna Goldsmith is reminding us to see the vacuous world of social media for what it is and just be ourselves in her new single “Go”!

The rising pop star and high-school student who’s been singing since she was 9, has released a powerful anthem which delves into the question so many of us grapple with every day – “why don’t we love ourselves?”

The lyrics, written by Anna, ultimately encourages us to persist, see through the filters and “fairy tales” the internet feeds us, and “make every day go your way.”

“‘Go’ is about seeing through the fake people and being yourself,” Anna shares in a press release. “Being strong and not giving into the pressures all around us. There are so many negative influences all around us, especially on social media. We are living in a digital world and sometimes it’s hard to tell what is fake and what is real.”


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The song is an upbeat collab with Dutch composer and producer Jan Jansen, who has previously worked with Anna on original songs such as “Follower” and “Miracle.”

When an Anna isn’t singing and writing music, she volunteers her time with at-risk youth.

Keep up with Anna on social media: @itsannagoldsmith

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