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Payge Turner & Jace Allen’s Collab “Battleborn” to Benefit Social Justice Nonprofit

Seattle-based singer-songwriter and The Voice star (Gwen’s team!) Payge Turner has once again joined forces with musician and philanthropist Jace Allen – and the result is both cutting edge and deeply beautiful.

This time, the pair who like to centre charitable efforts in their artistic pursuits, deliver a moving, anthemic song they’ve called “Battleborn” with proceeds benefitting Partners for Justice, a nonprofit working to break the cycle of poverty and criminalisation.


Set against footage of contemporary social justice demonstrations, Payge’s voice is mesmerising and soars throughout the track while Jace’s vocals are equally strong. Together they draw us into a narrative about the world’s challenges, finding purpose and creating change.

“From the moment I started playing with the vocal part, I knew this song was going to be a game changer on the pop landscape,” Payge says.

“It’s not like everything you hear on the radio – it’s complex yet simple, and it brings a powerful message with real impact.”

The single also brings together world-class musicians including Divinity Roxx (who’s worked with the likes of Beyoncé) and JUNO (who’s worked with Camila Cabello and Bruno Mars).

Payge and Jace’s previous collaboration, “Underwater”, benefited The Clean Slate Initiative, a nonprofit raising money for social justice reform and supporting people formerly in the prison system who commit to staying crime-free by clearing their records.


Jace has also raised money for the Colorado Relief Fund through his single “The Devil Won That Night”.

You can connect with Jace on Instagram…

and Payge on Instagram too.

(Feature Image Credit: Stephen Albanese/Supplied)

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