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Beyoncé attends a press event for The Lion King dressed in a jewelled jacket.

Beyoncé Announces New Album: ‘Renaissance’

Beyoncé fans, it’s happening!

The superstar has updated her website to reveal she’s releasing a new album and we don’t have to wait too long for it either. Called Renaissance, it’s coming out July 29.

The 16-song project is titled “Act i” suggesting we could expect more acts after this initial release!


This is Beyoncé’s seventh solo studio album and her first since 2016’s Lemonade.

Of course, she’s been doing plenty during that time too – starring as Nala in the 2019 live-action remake of The Lion King, performing several songs for the movie’s soundtrack, releasing her live album HOMECOMING and the visual album Black is King. 

The superstar tipped off fans that something may be in the works when she removed her profile photos across all social media platforms this week – they haven’t been updated as yet.

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock)

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