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A close up image of Halsey dressed in black with short, styled hair.

Halsey Shares Health News While Announcing New Music

Halsey has shared some major news – both professional and personal. The artist has revealed they’ve been privately dealing with serious health issues, and they’re also releasing new music.

While the exact diagnosis hasn’t been shared, Halsey did post a series of videos on Instagram documenting trips to hospital, treatments, infusions and many tears in between.

“I feel like an old lady,” she says in the first clip while rubbing her legs. “I told myself I’m giving myself two more years to be sick. At 30, I’m having a rebirth and I’m not gonna be sick and I’m gonna look super hot and have lots of energy and I’m just gonna get to re-do my 20s in my 30s.”

Both the Lupus Research Alliance and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society were tagged too.

“Long story short, I’m lucky to be alive,” Halsey captioned the post. “Short story long, I wrote an album.”

While sharing news of her illness, Halsey announced “The End”, the first song from her upcoming fifth studio album. Earlier, they shared the cover art for the song too featuring a heart-shaped, black and white photo of the pop star which appears under a quirky red question mark.


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According to a press release, Halsey is making a donation to both the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Lupus Research Alliance alongside the release of her music.

As you can imagine, fans are feeling a mix of emotions following the news – they’re both concerned for Halsey’s wellbeing but also ecstatic to finally have new music again. The upcoming album follows If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power which was released in 2021. Halsey has dropped a few singles since then including “Die 4 Me” in 2023.

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