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a photo of Jelly Roll smiling. He is dressed in black and has tattoos on his face.

Jelly Roll Opens Music Studio to Help Incarcerated Youth Turn Their Lives Around

Jelly Roll has officially opened a music studio inside a Nashville Juvenile Detention Centre – the same one he once spent time in and discovered his own passion for music.

The award-winning country and hip hop artist teamed up with nonprofit The Beat of Life and funded the centre using proceeds from his Bridgestone Arena concert last December. Attending the studio’s opening in Davidson County this week alongside a number of other artists, correctional leaders, the local Mayor and a Juvenile Court Judge, Jelly Roll reflected on his time in the centre and how determined he is to help others turn their lives around, just like he did:

“I never would’ve dreamed when I was sitting right there that I would one day come back and introduce the studio and partner with the Beat of Life, and all these songwriters would come out to support the cause and the f***ing mayor would introduce me! I would never guess this. It wasn’t in my bingo card in life.”

He continued, “when I was in juvenile, we never got a visitor. We never had a mentor, nobody ever came to see us. To be able to come back on these terms is a dream that I have and this is only the beginning.”


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Jelly Roll went on to explain that his ultimate goal is to put “millions and millions and tens of millions of dollars back into this city directly for at-risk youth because they are our future…” adding, “music did save my life. I am the life that music changed for the record. I am that life. And I believe that somebody else is that life in here.”

According to a press release, the new music studio aims to provide a resource for incarcerated youth that “embodies the belief in music’s role in personal growth and redemption, showcasing the journey from juvenile detention to success.”

In 2023, Jelly Roll was named Best New Artist at the Country Music Awards and this year, he took home Video of the Year for his song “Need a Favour” at the Country Music Television Awards (CMT), along with Male Video of the Year and CMT Performance of the Year.

(Feature Image Credit: FeatureFlash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com)

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