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Jace Allen wears jeans and a black shirt. He's sitting on a rock with his hands together.

LISTEN NOW: Jace Allen’s New Single “The Devil Won That Night” is Helping Rebuild the Lives of People With Criminal Pasts

Jace Allen (aka Jason Mendelson) is once again merging music and philanthropy with the release of his latest single, “The Devil Won That Night.”

Co-written with Gen3 guitarist David Cremin, this new track is a celebration of traditional Outlaw Country with a fresh Americana sound and a toe-tapping, honky tonk rhythm.

(Jace Allen; photo supplied)

And what we love about it most is that all proceeds from the sale or stream of this song will go to Defy Colorado, an organisation helping incarcerated people rebuild their lives upon release.

“This is my first attempt at country music, which is surprising because my mother listened to Dolly, Johnny, Willie, Waylon and Kenny,” Jace says in an exclusive statement to CelebrityKind.


“The song’s story of knowing when to do what’s right and what’s wrong is something we all deal with, but I felt was particularly relevant for the folks at Defy Ventures Colorado. Defy is an in-prison education program for those who are serious about making right out of their past wrongs. I’m excited to partner with them will all proceeds from the single going to fund their graduates post release.”

According to the non-profit, Colorado’s recidivism rate is 50 percent and the recidivism rate of Defy Colorado’s graduates is 2 percent – that means 98 percent of their graduates remain free. And upon release, every graduate receives a Chromebook, a cell phone with data, a $200 gift card for essentials, and pandemic necessities like face masks and hand sanitizer – which is what Jace’s song will be funding.


Jace, who is also a celebrated venture capitalist, philanthropist and author donated the proceeds of his first single, “Pissed Off At You” to the Colorado Relief Fund and COVID patients at Boulder Community Hospital.

As an artist, his unyielding focus is to continue merging music with philanthropy, attempting to build community and support through creativity, and to hopefully aid as many as he can through his pursuits.

Check out his latest single, “The Devil Won That Night” below and download it HERE.

To connect with Jace, check out his page: https://jaceallenmusic.com/home

Or follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

(Feature Image Credit: Supplied)


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