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"Ken The EP' showing Ryan Gosling as Ken blowing bubble gym with a gold aura behind him

Ryan Gosling & Mark Ronson’s ‘Ken The Ep’ is Out Now!

Ryan Gosling and Barbie: The Album producer Mark Ronson are giving fans a sweet treat this holiday season – Ken The EP!

It includes three new versions of the film’s GRAMMY-nominated song, “I’m Just Ken” including a holiday version titled “I’m Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie)”, “I’m Just Ken (In My Feelings Acoustic)” and “I’m Just Ken (Purple Disco Machine Remix)”.

Mark had teased the EP on Dec. 19 when he praised Ryan’s musical talent in an Instagram post:”Andrew (Wyatt) and I had written a song with different sections, a number of modulations and the vocal was pretty unhinged at moments. Well, it only took two or three warm up takes for me to realise not only was (Ryan) going to be able to handle the vocal but it was going to far exceed anything Andrew and I could have hope for. Not only did he bring a broken falsetto, a hefty growl, and everything in between, he brought the emotional resonance of a great actor who’d been living in a role for the past 6 months.”

Mark also explained how the idea of releasing an EP came about: “I told (Ryan) I fantasised about us performing the song live, so we started to dream what that might sound like. I was also dying to show the song in a different context – he demanded I go ‘Full Ronson’ with the arrangement which I took to mean 2007 Motown/wall of sound-obsessed me. Anyway, I sent this version to him last Tuesday and he dug it and it sounded so f***ing Xmas that we were like, ‘man, can we get this out in a week?!'”

And they did!


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“So he rerecorded the vocals and here we are, a week later serving up this version that we love with about 5 days til no one wants to hear a Xmas record, but sometimes you have to do it 4 fun (& maybe a little for Barbie).”

In a later post, Mark added, “I love this song and the wonderful man who sung it. And all praises to the most high, Greta Gerwig whose glorious vision of a world run by women still carved out seven minutes for a song about all the emo boys who struggle with how to express their feelings.”

“I’m Just Ken” was one of the biggest songs to be released from the Barbie soundtrack. It’s up for several awards including the GRAMMY for Best Song Written for Visual Media and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

(Feature Image Credit: Barbie The Movie)

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