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Shaq Hilariously Teases His Debut Dubstep Album!

Shaquille O'Neal smiles at a press event

Shaquille O’Neal photo by Lev Radin/ Shutterstock.com

Shaquille O’Neal’s debut dubstep album is coming soon, and he’s teasing its arrival in style!

The NBA legend – who goes by DJ Diesel for his music – took to Instagram this week to give his 31.9 million fans a little taste of what’s to come. In the clip, he’s wearing a curly mullet wig with collaborator Elijah Everett in the background. The two are cruising along to music as they get their hair done:

“It’s here…DIESEL’s debut album… 10 all new songs with some of my favourite artists…” he shared in a separate post, announcing the album, titled GORILLA WARFARE, would be released on August 18.

“Dubstep for me is an escape. It’s a genre of music that allows me to feel free. This one is for the people… it’s for the community we all love so much.”


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According to the album’s pre-save page on Spotify, collaborators include Soltan, Kompany, Jessica Aduiffred and more.

Shaq, who retired from basketball in 2011, is not only a TV host and an advocate for random acts of kindness, he’s also made a name for himself in the electronic dance music community. In fact, he’s been igniting mosh pits all over the world with his beats. It’s been so successful that in April this year he announced on Twitter (now X) he’d like to throw his own music festival. And you better believe he stuck to his word. Shaq’s Bass All-Stars Festival will be happening in Texas on September 16.

In a 2022 interview with The Cardone Zone, Shaq told host Grant Cardone that making music gives him the same rush as playing basketball:

“When I have these kids out here, I got to make them jump up and down. I got to keep them safe. I got to keep them having fun.”

(Feature Image Credit: via @shaq/Instagram)

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