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Akeylah Simone wears a white singlet and has one arm raised.

Soul Artist Akeylah Simone’s First Hip Hop Track is About Being True To Herself

A year after hitting the soul music scene with her debut single “Uncertainty” and her anthem, “Black is Beautiful,” Akeylah Simone continues to build momentum as a recording artist.

Only this time, she’s venturing into the world of hip hop and the result is two minutes of super chill beats and honest and inspiring lyrics.

Called “Nonchalant Vibes,” the new track marks a kind of ‘coming out’ for Akeylah – a statement that she’s embracing her story, her true self and not hiding anymore.


Being raised by two musicians, and developing a passion for singing by the age of 7, Akeylah manages to move between the genres vocally with skill and ease but she admits behind the scenes, things can be more challenging:

“I’ve always had trouble with getting thoughts and ideas in my head down on paper. So songwriting is not an easy task for me. One thing I do to help is writing in different genres. I’ve started to dabble in beat making and the first track I made was a more neo soul version of Nanchalant Vibes.”


Collaborating with producer Johnny Terrell, they created a new version of the song and her first hip hop single was born.

So will this be the direction Akeylah takes from now on? Maybe.

“I think this is definitely a direction I will have to keep venturing into. It’s very important to me that my catalogue of music jumps a bit, genre wise. ”

Akeylah is hoping to release more new music soon.

You can check out her page: akeylahsimone.com

Or follow her on social media: @akeylahsimone

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