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Dirtgirl shares a special message for kids in bushfire zones (Photo: dirtgirlworld/Facebook)

Dirtgirl’s Important Message For Aussie Kids in Bushfire Areas


Bushfires continue to burn across Australia and the country is preparing for catastrophic days ahead. So how do we talk to our kids about what’s happening? And how do we prepare them for what’s ahead?

Dirlgirl has the words that so many of us can’t seem to find right now.

The host of popular ABC kids show “dirtgirlworld” has written an open letter to kids living in fire zones explaining what the next few weeks may be like and the steps we can all take to stay safe.

“When there is an emergency, so much can happen at once and it can be scary. A bushfire is really noisy, it smells strongly of smoke, the world feels very, very hot and sometimes it can get very dark,” she writes.

“Not being near a bushfire is the best idea but sometimes we are surprised by bushfire.”

Dirtgirl explains what it means to have to “evacuate” and ways to keep calm.

“I talk to myself…I say ‘I can cope, we’ve got a plan, we know what to do, it’s just one step at a time,'” she continues. “However, I make sure I stop talking to myself to listen to my family fire captain and follow instructions.”

“Being safe is the most important thing. Our things can be replaced, we can get new things, being safe is what we need to remember.”

Please read her special message below, and stay safe CelebrityKind fam:

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