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Lenny Kravitz appears on The Ellen Show to discuss how hes helping rebuild the Bahamas

Ellen Surprises Lenny Kravitz with $100k to Help Rebuild the Bahamas

Lenny Kravitz has appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about how he’s helping rebuild the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated the region, and how we can all do our bit too.

The superstar, who has a house in the Bahamas, says it looks like “a nuclear bomb” hit the islands.

“What I’m really concerned with are the locals,” he tells Ellen. “The heart and the soul of these islands are the locals, the people of the Bahamas. I feel bad for the rich folk that lost their places but they’ll be able to rebuild. But it’s about these people that don’t have the means to rebuild so we’re all in meetings figuring out what to do to get these homes back to these people.”

Ellen surprised Lenny with a US $100 thousand cheque for his foundation Let Love Rule which is supporting recovery efforts.

“Stage 1 is right now. It’s about rescue, clean up, feeding people,” Lenny explains. “This is going to be a several-year project.”

Lenny’s foundation has also been working with his dentist Dr Jonathan Levine to run a free dental clinic for locals. And Lenny’s toothpaste line (yes, he has his own toothpaste line!) TWICE, is donating 25% of profits to recovery efforts in the Bahamas too. Plus he’s released a range of hurricane relief tees on his website.

The singer also recommends people consider donating to World Central Kitchen founded by chef José Andres which is preparing meals on the islands and distributing it to tens of thousands of people in need every day as well as CORE, an organisation working on the ground to clean up debris and build shelter.

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