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Emily Ratajkowski is Releasing a Podcast: ‘High Low with Emrata’

Emily Ratajkowski at a red carpet event. She has long brown hair that sits past her shoulders.


Model, author, entrepreneur and mum Emily Ratajkowski will be sharing her thoughts on culture, feminism, global issues and more in a bi-weekly podcast.

“I’ll talk about whatever’s happening in the world and what it’s making me think about…” she says in the shownotes for High Low with Emrata which will be released on November 1.


In a message on Instagram, she further explains what we can expect:

“Every Tuesday, I’ll host an intimate conversation with a special guest, including celebrities, incredible authors, close friends and people I admire. Every Thursday, I’ll bring you a monologue episode, where I’ll pick a theme or a question I’m interested in and get into it—discussing everything from politics and feminism to sex and Tik Tok.”


She adds, “I’m really f***ing excited!” Hell yes, so are we Emrata. So are we. 

Speaking to Variety about her new project, Emrata says she did many podcasts when her book, My Body, came out and she learned a lot about the process: “There’s people who interview and there’s people who listen and have conversations. That’s the thing I feel the most anxious about. I’m so used to sitting on one side of it, but I know what I want from these conversations.”

Listen to the trailer for High Low below:

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Sony Music/ Somethin’ Else/ Bitch Era Media)

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