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Jessica Szohr smiles at a red carpet event. She has dark brown hair that sits above her shoulders. She wears a floral black sleeveless top. The background is a deep purple.

The First Ep of Jessica Szohr’s “Gossip Girl” Podcast is Here!

It’s been ten years since we said goodbye to Serena, Blair, Dan and *in a smooth, mysterious voice* Chuck Basssss, in the hit series Gossip Girl, and now we can relive all those scandalous moments plus find out what went on behind the scenes in a new podcast hosted by Jessica Szohr!

It’s called XOXO, of course, and the first ep dropped this week with show creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage as the special guests.

And let me tell you, we learned a lot!


From Christina Ricci and Selma Blair being in the mix as the voice of Gossip Girl (Kristen Bell ended up scoring the role) to Penn Badgley turning up on the first day of filming with a shaved head when it hadn’t been discussed…

“Normally the network makes you do hair tests and they want to approve everything. And all of a sudden it was like, ‘Penn shaved his head??'” Stephanie recalled.

“Then everybody saw him and was like, ‘Oh damn. He looks good!'”


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The trio also discussed Blake Lively whose “natural warmth” and “California sunniness” brought the perfect touch to her character, Serena van der Woodsen:

“That she loves her brother, that she cares about her friends, that she’s trying to be a better person. Blake was going to bring all of that in spades versus some other actress who might be a more natural Serena, but wasn’t going to be able to infuse Serena with those positive qualities that we needed her to have,” Stephanie explains.

Jessica, who played Vanessa Abrams on the show,  also shared the lengths the cast went to, to prevent spoilers:

“There was a time…we would not get our lines for the next day because they didn’t want storylines to get leaked. We would get the sides and it would say ‘Dan’ and then it would be all X’s for whatever he was saying, but it wouldn’t be the dialogue. Then it way say ‘Vanessa’ and however many X’s, two lines, or a paragraph. So you could see if you were talking a lot, but we wouldn’t get our lines until we got to set.”


And sure, the podcast is all about Gossip Girl, but as Jessica says, “I’m not here to gossip about things.”

Nope, this is a sweet trip down memory lane.

“We touch on challenges, but it’s a place for people to be able to come and listen, laugh and get lost. There are episodes I cry, episodes some guests have cried and we laugh and there’s a lot of feelings.”

You can check out the first ep on iHeart or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock)

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