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Hannah Simone, Zooey Deschanel & Lamorne Morris are Reuniting for a “New Girl” Podcast

Almost four years after the cast of New Girl said goodbye to us all, stars Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris are getting back together for a podcast about the hit series!

Called “Welcome to Our Show”, the trio from apartment 4D, will rewatch episodes of the Emmy-winning show and talk to other cast members, guest stars, writers and directors. Plus they’ll play a different version of the True American game each week!

“I am overjoyed to work again with two of my favourite people, Lamorne and Hannah, and to get to relive some of our favourite moments from the seven years we worked on ‘New Girl’,” Zooey said in a statement.

“The fans have been flooding my inbox and timelines with requests for behind the scenes intel. Well, here we go!” Lamorne said.


“We’re so pumped that iHeart is giving us this platform to connect with our fans. So dope. All of their questions will be answered…and we also tell weird stories.”

Hannah also shared a statement: “New Girl fans have a lot of questions about everything from the actual rules of True American to ping pong etiquette with Prince. Zooey, Lamorne and I have missed each other so much, and I’m so excited that we’ve created a show where we can finally answer those questions and we can finally answer so many untold crazy ‘New Girl’ stories that happened while we made the show!”

The podcast will stream on iHeartRadio and all major podcast platforms from January 24.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy iHeart)

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