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Peloton Teams Up With Ryan Reynolds to Release Genius Ad Responding to “And Just Like That” Scene

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched Sex and the City spinoff,  And Just Like That, do NOT read this! I repeat, do NOT read this.

And if you’ve already seen it well… 

Do I have an update for you!

Fitness brand Peloton has created a genius ad responding to the very surprising death of Mr Big in the first episode, with a little help from master of all things viral and hilarious, Ryan Reynolds.

You’ll no doubt remember, Mr Big played by actor Chris Noth, collapsed and died after taking a 45-minute Peloton class.

The scene caused quite the kerfuffle with shares in Peloton tumbling in the aftermath of the episode’s release plus a statement made by Dr Suzanne Steinbaum from the company’s Health & Wellness Advisory Council who pointed out that Mr Big’s unhealthy lifestyle and smoking habits were a more probable cause of his death!


But they’ve cleverly flipped the script in their new commercial using the storyline to in fact boost their marketing plan and show us Mr Big is very much still alive!

In the ad we see Noth presumably as Mr Big, alongside real life Peloton instructor Jess King who portrays fictional instructor Allegra on the show, sitting in a cozy living room having a chat:

“To new beginnings,” he says, suggesting perhaps he *insert dramatic gasp* faked his own death to start a new life with Allegra!

“Shall we take another ride? Life’s too short not to,” he asks as the camera pans out to show us two Peloton bikes behind them.

The ad ends with a speedy narration by Ryan Reynolds who says: “And just like that, the world was reminded that regular cycling stimulates your heart, lungs and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles, lowers resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels. He’s alive.”


According to a statement by Peloton senior communications lead Denise Kelly to Variety, the whole thing came together in less than 48 hours, using Ryan Reynolds’ marketing company Maximum Effort which was recently acquired by software company MNTN.

Clearly a mammoth effort by all involved, Ryan later posted a pic in his Insta stories of a sweet note he received from wife and fellow actor Blake Lively written on a Magnolia Bakery box which read:

“To my Mister, who always goes BIG or goes home. I love you so much. But not as much as Peloton loves you. Serena Bradshaw.”

Ha! Aren’t they the best?

Check out the epic ad below:

(Feature Image Credit: @peloton/Twitter) 

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