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Aussie Entertainment Industry Urges PM To Get Families Off Nauru and Manus

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Actors, producers, filmmakers, directors, musicians – and basically anyone you can possibly think of who’s part of the Australian entertainment industry – have written an open letter to the PM and the Opposition Leader urging them to remove asylum seekers detained on Nauru and Manus, and bring them to safety.

More than 900 artists including Simon Baker, Jimmy Barnes, Sam Neill, Rebecca Gibney and Asher Keddie have signed the letter which will be presented to the PM tomorrow, December 3.

“For five long years these refugees have been detained and made an example of,” the letter reads. “Fathers, mothers, toddlers and newborn babies – living behind bars and imprisoned by the sea with no freedom in sight. The conditions are horrific. Twelve people have died during the last five years. Australia’s doctors have told us that we face the reality of more deaths if we don’t act now.”

The petition, started by film producer Kath Shelper has also been signed by Deborra-lee Furness, Mia Wasikowska, Deborah Mailman, Anthony Lapaglia, Lisa McCune and Margaret Pomeranz, and urges leaders to put their politics aside:

“Australia is better than this…..Please listen to your conscience.”

There’s a video message that goes with the letter too, condemning the current situation:


To further show their solidarity with all the men, women and children who are locked up in off-shore detention centres, many of those attending the AACTA Awards this week in Sydney, will be wearing blue ribbons.


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