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Lena Headey's video letter to Freddie Mercury and all refugees (Photo: @irc/Instagram)

Lena Headey’s Special Message for Freddie Mercury and All Refugees

She may’ve been a heartless Queen on Game of Thrones but in real life, Lena Headey is FULL of heart. Especially when it comes to refugees.

The actress who’s also an Ambassador for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), has posted a special message ahead of World Refugee Day on June 20, encouraging us to “imagine what we lose if refugees lose our support.”

In a video letter to Freddie Mercury the actress explains how the world “wouldn’t be as rhapsodic” if the United Kingdom hadn’t accepted Freddie as a refugee from Zanzibar in the 60s. Watch the full video below:

According to the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees, there are more than 68 million people displaced from their homes due to war, poverty and a range of other reasons.

This video is part of a broader campaign from the IRC paying tribute to famous refugees including Gloria Estefan and Albert Einstein who’ve already contributed greatly to our lives and to remind us that refugees will continue to enrich the world, if they are welcomed.

Can you think of any other famous refugees? Tell us below.





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