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Daniel Dae Kim smiles at a red carpet event. He is a handsome Korean-American actor with black hair, wearing a black jacket and a white shirt underneath with the top button undone.

Daniel Dae Kim Lands First Series Lead Role In 31-Year Career

Daniel Dae Kim is celebrating a big moment in his career – and we’re cheering him on from the other side of the world!

The 52-year-old actor known for his roles in Hawaii Five-0, Lost and Angel has landed his first lead role in a TV series – which says a lot about the industry given he’s been working in it for more than three decades.

He’ll be starring as FBI agent and microbiology expert Matthew Ryker in the National Geographic anthology miniseries The Hot Zone: Anthrax, alongside Tony Goldwyn who’ll portray microbiologist Bruce Ivans.


“Hardly the biggest news given what’s going on in the world today,” Daniel tweeted.

“But after 31 years of working in TV, this is my first series lead.”

“Overdue but congrats Daniel!” Crazy Rich Asians actress Gemma Chan commented what we were all thinking.

As did reporter Lisa Ling who wrote on Instagram: “That is F***ING BRILLIANT! It should have happened a hell of a long time ago but nevertheless, it’s happening! Massive Congrats DDK! You’re gonna rock it!!!”

According to Variety, the miniseries will focus on the “anonymous bioterror attacks that caused panic across the country mere weeks after the chaos of 9/11.”

(Feature Image Credit: s_bukley/Shutterstock.com)

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