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Ryan Reynolds Announces Nonprofit to Support Underrepresented Communities in Creative Careers

Two years after starting the Group Effort Initiative with Blake Lively to create a pipeline for members of underrepresented communities to access jobs in the entertainment industry, Ryan Reynolds is once again using his platform to boost diversity – this time in the creative space.

The Hollywood star has announced the formation of The Creative Ladder, a nonprofit launching later this year aimed at making jobs in marketing, advertising, design and commercial production accessible to all through mentorships and career development resources for students.

“We started talking about The Creative Ladder right after we launched the Group Effort Initiative, so I am thrilled the day is finally here,” Ryan shares in a statement.

“I love making ads and want to help make sure talent of all backgrounds have the access and information they need to succeed. Ads are just another form of storytelling and a more representative workforce will only make this industry stronger and enable it to tell better stories.”


Ryan will be working with co-founders David Griner (who is a longtime editor of Adweek but will leave his role to serve as The Creative Ladder’s Chief Content Officer) and Dionna Dorsey Calloway (who founded lifestyle brand District of Clothing and will serve as The Creative Ladder’s CEO):

“In our communities, there isn’t a talent deficit, there’s an opportunity deficit,” Dionna says.

“That’s why our mission of connecting, inspiring and elevating an inclusive new generation of creatives matters. Creative Ladder will help us cast a broader net and connect amazing young creatives to opportunities otherwise less accessible and known.”

The nonprofit has already received a $500,000 donation from finance company Deloitte to support their work as well as an undisclosed sum from hotel giant, Hilton.

(Feature Image Credit: Lev Radin/Shutterstock)

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