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a close up of Alicia Keys smiling. Her hair is tied up in a tight bun and she wears hoop earrings.

Alicia Keys Shares Powerful Message About Ageing & Self-Awareness

Alicia Keys is sharing her thoughts on ageing – and quite frankly, her words are so refreshing, everyone needs to read them!

The global superstar, who is preparing to release her first theatre production, Hell’s Kitchen, recently chatted with New York magazine’s The Cut about growing older. The 42-year-old said she’s embracing the change and growth that comes with it:

“I love getting smarter. I love being more conscious. I love being aware of what I think,” she tells the publication.

Hell yeah Alicia! 

“I love being in touch with what I think and being comfortable knowing that what I know is the right thing for me, that I don’t have to seek so much validation from everybody else to decide if that’s a good thing for me or not. I think you get more beautiful as you get older too.”


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She continues, “I feel like there’s something about it. Your heart opens more. You have a quality about you that is so much stronger in a way. I really know that you become more beautiful as you recognise these things about yourself, as you become wiser, as you become older, as you become more yourself, who you actually are.”

During the interview, she also discusses how clothing and makeup served as a protective “armour” for much of her life, especially after entering the music industry as a teenager.

“I’ve been able to take off the armour, I’ve been able to just recognise that we are perfect as we are…” she said.

Alicia famously decided to go makeup-free in 2016, and continues to do so, only wearing makeup on her own terms – not because of what’s expected of her.

“I think I’m grateful that I’ve been able to let go of the idea of having to somehow always be something. It’s so beautiful when you can just be comfortable in your skin.”

Alicia is a 15-time GRAMMY-winner. She’s also an actor and the founder of lifestyle brand, Keys Soulcare.

(Feature Image Credit: Michael Mattes/Shutterstock.com)

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