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Andy Grammer smiles at a red carpet event. he wears a deep burgundy suit jacket.

Andy Grammer’s Love Letter Project Aims to Fill the World with Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

Andy Grammer has some special plans for Valentine’s Day and he’s inviting us all to take part!

The “Damn It Feels Good To Be Me” singer is urging us to write a love letter – to ourselves – because as he explains on Insta, “when’s the last time you said ‘I love you’ to yourself?”

*Checks notes* Umm, possibly never?

Which is ridiculous when you think about it, because we all know how important it is to love ourselves. Plus there’s a plethora of research that shows when we treat ourselves with kindness and practice self-acceptance, we are happier and healthier people.


So this little project by Andy’s? It may just be the push we need to begin our self-love journeys.

The letters can be typed up through a special page on his website and will be delivered back to your inbox on the perfect date – February 14.

“If you are someone who has trouble being kind to yourself, I hope this helps. I hope this creates a little space in your brain, a little room you can go into and be kind and compassionate to the person and pieces of yourself you are proud of,” his message continues.

Andy even shared his own self-love letter:

“I love your heart, it’s sincere. It is often greeted with skepticism and cynicism but it hasn’t stopped you yet,” he begins.


“I love the way you have grown into being a father, especially the songs you make up to get them to eat their vegetables. I love the way that you honour your mother in your music and how that gives an invitation for others to grieve their own losses,” he continues.

“I love that at your worst you try to be vulnerable with your failures and at your best you are generous with your successes. I love the way you have made it consistent practice in life to encourage others, calling friends weekly and checking in on their projects and being giving of your spirit. I love that while you are never perfect, your intentions almost always are. I love you, I don’t say it enough but I do. I love you.”

You can read his letter in full HERE, and then get cracking on your own message HERE!

(Feature Image Credit: Lev Radin/Shutterstock)

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