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Aussie Music Legend G Flip Announces They’re Non-Binary

Aussie singer, songwriter, producer and drummer G Flip has announced they’re non-binary and will now go by the pronouns “they/them.”

In a post on Instagram to their 170,000 fans, they shared a series of seriously cute pics from childhood through to now along with a message about how they are still the same person.

“I’m non-binary mother f***ers!” they begin.


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“Big props to those who have been educating and advocating for the ENBY community the last few years. Looking into what it means to be non-binary had me realise that that’s who I’ve been my entire life,” G Flip continues.

“Gonna use they/them pronoouns from now on too. I’m still the exact same person, non-binary is just the best way to explain who I am and how I’ve always felt like a gender smoothie…”


They add, “also go pies,” which is their fave footy team.

Last month, singer Demi Lovato announced they are non-binary and described the relief in being able to just be themselves after years of “also living for those on the other side of the cameras.”

(Feature Image Credit: @gflip/Instagram)

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