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Miranda Mckeon Shares Self Love Message After Shaving Her Head During Cancer Treatment

Anne With An E actress Miranda McKeon has revealed she shaved her head before her final round of chemo this week – and she has an important message for us all about what true beauty is really about.

In a message posted to Instagram, she explains how she has slowly been losing her hair for the last three months as she continues her fight against breast cancer.

“I never realised how much joy I got from feeling pretty day to day and how much I felt my hair defined me,” she writes.


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“I was a bit surprised however by how beautiful I still feel without my hair. I have realised that I am beautiful for my contributions in conversations, for my humour and my vulnerability, for the kind of friend I am and the way that I show up for those around me.”

Miranda says she’s realising that in fact, the way she looks, is the “least interesting thing” about her.


“My friends and my family have been so incredibly supportive and have shown me to my core that the people in my life don’t love me for the way I look, they love me for the person I am – and I really really love that person.”

“I think she is so beautiful. So while I certainly miss looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful in a conventional manner, I will continue to celebrate my beauty in a bigger, more meaningful way,” she ends her message.

In an interview with People earlier this year, Miranda revealed that she was in the bathroom of a beach house with her friends when she first felt a lump on her breast:

“I had the thought that, Wow, this is the moment. I immediately went to the worst-case scenario. This is the moment where everything changes and there’s no going back. But after going down a little Google rabbit hole, my mind was at ease because I didn’t think anything could be wrong because of my age.”

Miranda thought she’d be ok because there’s a one-in-a-million chance of a 19-year-old getting breast cancer, but as it turned out, Miranda was that one.

She’s been blogging about her cancer journey ever since and regularly sharing health updates with her one million Instagram followers.

(Feature Image Credit: @miranda.mckeon/Instagram)

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