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Vee Kativhu’s Beautiful Reminder to Keep Existing – “And Do It Loudly”

YouTuber, education activist and one of the most empowering youth voices of our time, Vee Kativhu, is reminding us all to exist, just as we are. (And quite frankly, she’s the girlfriend we all need in our lives!)

You see, Vee took to her Insta page recently to tell the story of a random stranger who had sent her a message commenting on her appearance, and the university grad (Harvard and Oxford, FYI) was not having a bar of it.

“So yesterday someone called me ‘too fat’ & somehow concluded I’ve been neglecting my body and health because to them, I look ‘too fat,'” she begins, also sharing screenshots of other comments she’s received about her weight.


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“Now I need to be clear for everyone, especially the young girls reading this. You do NOT owe ANYBODY anything when it comes to YOUR BODY! You were NOT put on THIS earth to serve as EYE CANDY for anyone or to THEIR beauty standards. It is NOT your to job to be appealing to anything or anyone but YOURSELF, if you choose to.”

Don’t you just love her?

Vee continues to explain that the comment won’t make her “cry into a salad bowl and die on a treadmill.”



Instead, she’s using the comment to highlight how important it is to know that we are enough, just as we are. That we don’t ever need to live up to the constantly-changing standards of beauty – because that’s impossible, and kinda ridiculous, tbh.

And isn’t just darn refreshing to see that kind of message in a social media world that constantly tells us otherwise?

“The goal post will ALWAYS be moving and whatever you do will never be enough for them, so don’t you DARE try to live your life to fit other people’s ever changing and unrealistic standards. Live for YOU and you only because, literally, one day these people will hate you then the next they’ll love you. One day they’ll call you fat and ghetto , the nest they’ll say they wish they’re future daughter will be like you.”

Vee ends by explaining the only “goals” any of us need to care about are our own  – “the ones you want for yourself in order to pursue your happiness, health, wellbeing, love and YOUR passions. So my dear friends, exist. And do it loudly.”

Yes. We. Will.

(Feature Image Credit: @veekativhu/Instagram)

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