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The bottom half of a woman wearing Modibodi period underwear, kneeling on the ground

Is Modibodi Worth It? 8 Things to Love About Their Period Underwear

Is Modibodi worth it?

If you haven’t leaped into the world of period underwear just yet, this one is for you!

Modibodi, voted the #1 period and incontinence underwear brand, was started by Aussie mum of four, Kristy Chong in 2013. She’d been training for a marathon in 2011 when she experienced a little leakage and realised the only way to manage it was to use single-use hygiene products … and add to landfill.

So she created re-usable, washable period undies that hello! actually work! and over the last decade, Modibodi has become a game-changer in the industry and a life-changer for millions of people all over the world.

Here are 8 reasons why I’ve converted to Modibodi and haven’t looked back:


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1. They look and feel awesome: I confess, the first time I donned my first pair of Modibodis, I was expecting some horrifically bulky, Bridget Jones-style granny undies. Oh, I was very wrong. These babies are stylish, comfortable and feel just like regular underwear. They come in a variety of colours, sizes (8 to 20) and designs, and these days the brand has expanded to include swimwear, sleepwear and activewear.


2. They’re made from high-quality fabric: we’re talking certified organic cotton, breathable, moisture-wicking materials, heat, oil and sweat-resistant plus no harmful chemicals (you can learn more about how Modibodi test their products here). And they’re specifically designed to avoid odours and bacteria build-up.


3. They have different levels of absorption: if you’re like me, you probably vary between heavy and light bleeding days. No problem, Modibodi has a range of absorption levels to cater for period flow, postpartum bleeding and incontinence. When I first started wearing Modibodis on my heavy days, I would wear a backup pad. I know realise this is unnecessary (for me personally) and if I’m ever concerned, I can always pop on a new pair.


4. They provide value for money: The Modibodis I use tend to fall between $25 and $35 (Aussie dollars). That may seem steep at first when the good old regular undies from Coles is only a few bucks. But when I think about how long the Modibodis last (I’ve had the same ones for over 2 years and counting) and how much money I spend on tampons and pads every month throughout the year, it certainly work out to be an affordable swap.


5. They’re very easy to care for: Modibodi advises that you wash the undies before wear “to activate the technology in the gusset” which absorbs the flow. Simply stick it in a delicates bag and wash in cold water. Repeat.


6. They’re eco-friendly: whilst Modibodi originally started as a replacement for single-use hygiene products, it’s now also finding ways to improve its reusables which eventually end up in landfill too. The company has developed underwear that’s 97% biodegradable using a blend of Tencel and Merino wool that can be washed over 100 times which, they say, equates to 8 years worth of periods if washed once a month. I wash mine more than once a month so the stats would be a little less for me, but you get the drill!


7. They’re diverse and inclusive: Just click onto the Modibodi website and you will see *gasps dramatically* real women! Yes, women of all ages and backgrounds and shapes and sizes. And not just women, but men and gender diverse people too because yes, of course, they can also experience unwanted leakage.


8. They believe in period equity: Modibodi has a program that gives back to organisations working to improve period equity – because menstrual products are not always accessible or affordable. One of their awesome programs involves a partnership with the Katalyst Foundation, where Modibodi donates their period underwear so that girls and women can continue their education or go to work without worrying about menstruation.


Now you’ve heard all the pros but what are the cons of Modibodi, you may be wondering?  When I first started using Modibodi I only bought two pairs, thinking I’d wash them on alternate days. But occasionally I need to wear a second pair on a heavy flow day so to make life easier for myself, I ended up buying 5 pairs. The upfront cost can feel like a lot if you also choose to buy multiple pairs, though I believe this eventually balances out. Two years into using their products, and I’m not sure I’ve experienced any other cons as yet!


You can check out the full range at Modibodi HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: Modibodi)

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