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Give the Gift of Masterclass This Mother’s Day: Save Up To 35%!

If you’re looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift – look no further! Masterclass is currently offering a limited-time deal that will save you up to 35% off their amazing online courses.

And I really do mean a-mazing! We’re talking tennis lessons with the great Serena Williams, cooking with Gordon Ramsay, entrepreneurship programs with Spanx founder Sara Blakely and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, singing lessons with Mariah Carey, self-styling tips with Queer Eye’s Tan France, hair tutorials with Jen Atkin and so much more! (Here’s our review of Sara Blakely’s Masterclass – it’s brilliant!)

The streaming platform features over 180 video lessons from accomplished actors, musicians, chefs, athletes, scientists, writers and other professionals. The courses are broken up into 15 to 20 bite-sized lessons which you can either watch online or listen to, on-the-go. They’re aimed at all skill levels and even include workbooks too.

So how much does Masterclass cost? It’s US$180 (which works out to less than $3.50 per week) – this is an annual pass which gives you unlimited access to every single class that’s currently uploaded plus any new ones to come. But right now you can get a special discount of up to 35%!

And the best bit? There’s no shipping involved. The pass gets emailed to you (or mum) directly, so if you’ve left it all until the last minute? You’re welcome! And don’t worry, we won’t say a thing…

Check out Masterclass now:

Save up to 35% on an annual membership today!