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Stuff We Love: Jennifer Garner’s Red Hunter Gum Boots

@jennifer.garner/Instagram; Amazon

Did you catch Jennifer Garner having a moment to herself over the weekend?

The Adam Project star posted a video on Instagram, sitting in the sunshine, taking some deep breaths and having a warm drink in a luscious, grassy field.

The perfect start to a Sunday!

In between the delightful peacefulness of the clip, we couldn’t help but notice Jen’s awesome red gum boots. So we did a little searching and tracked these beauties down online:

The Women’s Hunter Rain Boot range is made from soft rubber, is fully waterproof and comes in both tall, short and ankle lengths as well as a gloss and matte finish. And if red isn’t your colour, they also come in plenty of other shades including black, green and yellow.

Jen paired hers with a striped white, red and blue top and some jeans. (Speaking from experience, they can definitely lift a pair of black leggings too!)

And the best part? If they get muddy, they’re so easy to clean! The dirt wipes right off, ready for your next outing.

Sure, they can be a bit pricey but they’re durable and they’ll quickly become your go-to boots every time the sky turns a little grey. With heavy rain predicted over Australia’s summer once again, these are the perfect boots to get you around!

(Feature Image Credit: @jennifer.garner/Instagram; Amazon)

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