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the various barbie's from Mattel's new Athlete Barbies collection

Where to Buy Mattel’s New Athlete Barbies?


You’ve probably seen Mattel’s new Athlete Barbies all over social media – here’s where you can get yours!


In honour of Barbie’s 65th birthday, Mattel has released a new line of dolls, this time honouring 9 incredible women in sport. They are:

  • Venus Williams (United States):
    • One of the most decorated Olympic athletes with four gold medals and the first woman in tennis to earn equal prize money at Wimbledon, Venus Williams has courageously persevered through countless obstacles to inspire social change within tennis and the sports industry at large.
  • Christine Sinclair (Canada):
    • As soccer’s greatest international scorer with 190 goals to her name, Christine Sinclair has solidified her status as the most successful soccer player from Canada [of all time].
  • Mary Fowler (Australia): Football Player
    • At just 21 years old, Mary Fowler has become a key player for the Matildas and Manchester City football teams. She was selected for the FIFA World Cup in 2019 and became the team’s youngest player at 16 years old. Since then, she has been to two FIFA World Cups and the 2020 Olympic Games.
  • Estelle Mossely (France):
    • Crowned Olympic champion in 2016 and has won numerous professional and world amateur boxing titles.
  • Alexa Moreno (Mexico):
    • As Mexico’s first female world medalist in gymnastics, Alexa Moreno is recognized by Forbes Mexico as one of the 100 most powerful women in Mexico.
  • Rebeca Andrade (Brazil):
    • Olympic gold and silver medalist, Rebeca Andrade is regarded as one of the best gymnast of all time. The Brazilian girl is a two-time World Championship champion and has won more than ten medals in World Cups.
  • Susana Rodriguez (Spain): Paratriathlon Athlete
    • Born with albinism, Susana Rodriguez began running at age 10 and has since become a barrier-breaking paratriathlon athlete. She has not only set records in her sport, but she doubled as a young doctor on the front lines amid the pandemic, earning her the cover of TIME magazine in 2021.
  • Federica Pellegrini (Italy):
    • Federica Pellegrini, a former swimmer and Olympic gold medalist, is the first woman to break the 4:00 barrier in the 400m freestyle. Right after her last competitions in 2020, she got an important international recognition: election to the IOC Athletes Commission.
  • Ewa Swoboda (Poland): 
    • Top ranked European sprinter Ewa Swoboda’s determination, talent, and fearless nature have served as a source of inspiration for young girls across the globe. She is a three-time European Indoor Championship medalist, as well as a World Indoor Championship medalist, holding the world lead of 7.01 seconds in the 60-meter race.




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The Barbies are not only about honouring women in sport though – they’re also about closing the gap for girls in sport around the world. According to Voice In Sport, girls are 2-3 times more likely than boys to drop out of sport from 8th grade on.

The reasons? Well, there are many: Safety. Menstruation. Lack of confidence. Schoolwork pressures. Lack of opportunity. Lack of access. Just to name a few.

To encourage girls to stay in sports, Barbie is extending its partnership with Voice In Sport, a global digital platform that connects and inspires girls and women in sports through mentorship and educational content. Together, they’ll be hosting free sessions designed to encourage girls aged 12 and over to pursue their passions. (You can learn more HERE.)


So where can you buy your very own Venus Williams or Mary Fowler Barbie?

Walmart, Target and Big W (Australia) will be stocking them.

Or you can order yours online:




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