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Bedtime Stories with Ryan Reynolds. A photo of Ryan smiling in his pyjamas with a candle lit beside him.

Ryan Reynolds is Reading Bedtime Stories For Us All in New Fubo Series

Ryan Reynolds, aka one of our favourite Hollywood dads, will soon be lulling us all to sleep – on purpose!

The actor, director, philanthropist and father-of-four has announced he’s launching Bedtime Stories with Ryan, a new series on Fubo TV where he’ll read classic and new stories to “soothe your mind and soul.”

And apparently his own too.

“The idea for a show made to help everyone fall asleep was born the same day as my fourth child,” he posted on social media, along with a short trailer featuring himself in some very comfy-looking pjs!

“We’re so happy to create a program with the express goal of putting people to sleep,” he shares in a release.

“This show has actually been a dream of mine for a while. Story time is a nighttime staple in our home and is a daily reminder of the power of storytelling.”

The series is the first for Ryan’s Maximum Effort Channel and will officially launch on Fubo, June 20.

Bedtime Stories with Ryan shows Ryan from behind looking up at the sky, sitting on a roof top.

Courtesy Fubo

Bedtime Stories with Ryan is a magical mix of joy and relaxation,” Pamela Duxworth, head of Fubo Studios says.

“These may be legendary stories, but Ryan’s voice and personality amplify each one, turning them into classics for a new generation. Bedtime Stories with Ryan is the perfect original show to kick off Maximum Effort Channel’s programming slate of maximum comfort.”


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Ryan and the love of his life, actor, director and Betty Buzz founder Blake Lively, recently welcomed their fourth child – though it’s important to note they never officially announced the news. (Blake posted a photo of herself on Instagram in February with no baby bump and the media kind of went wild after that.)

The famous couple are understandably very private about their children and support publications with a #NoKidsPolicy, that is, media who don’t post photos of celebrities’ children without consent.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Fubo TV)

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