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Cast Confirmed For New ‘Cruel Intentions’ Series



Sarah Catherine Hook, John Harlan Kim and Savannah Lee Smith headshots for new 'Cruel Intentions' series coming to Prime Video

L-R Sarah Catherine Hook (photo by Kelsey Hale); John Harlan Kim (photo by David Higgs); and Savannah Lee Smith (photo by Ryan Saradjola.) Supplied via Prime Video.


The cast for the upcoming Cruel Intentions series has been announced!

Prime Video has ordered the 8-episode show, inspired by the iconic ’90s film of the same name, starring Sarah Michelle Geller, Ryan Philippe, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair.

The new series will include Sarah Catherine Hook (First Kill),  John Harlan Kim (The Last Thing He Told Me) and Savannah Lee Smith (Gossip Girl) who are all pictured above, as well as Zac Burgess, (Totally Completely Fine),  Sara Silva (American Horror Stories), Khobe Clarke (Firefly Lane, Yellowjackets),  Brooke Lena Johnson (You), and Sean Patrick Thomas (Till).

Their characters haven’t been specified just yet.

Actors Claire Forlani, Nikki Crawford, Isabella Tagliati, Zeke Goodman and Jon Tenney will have recurring roles.


What will the ‘Cruel Intentions’ series be about?

According to Prime Video, the series “takes place at an elite Washing D.C. college, where two ruthless step-siblings will do anything to stay on top of the cutthroat social hierarchy. After a brutal hazing incident threatens the entire Panhellenic system at their school, they’ll do whatever is necessary to preserve their power and reputation, even if that means seducing the daughter of the vice president of the United States.”


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Who is behind the new series?

Producers and writers Sara Goodman and Phoebe Fisher who both worked on I Know What You Did Last Summer, are taking on the project. In a release, they said, “We are so excited to get to work together to continue the legacy of Cruel Intentions, a film that remains beloved by so many – including us! We promise to make this next iteration as fun, irreverent, and boundary-pushing as the original.”

Lauren Stein, Head of Creative ast Sony Pictures Television added, “Cruel Intentions defined an era and is still a centrepiece in popular culture. We are excited to have Phoebe and Sara bring this new adaptation to life, as this has been a passion project of ours since I got to Sony.”


When will the ‘Cruel Intentions’ series be released?

Prime Video hasn’t set a release date yet.



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