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Hearbreak high Season 2 cast pose for a photo on the school oval

‘Heartbreak High’ Season 2: Release Date, Cast & More!

After watching the first season of Heartbreak High, the question on everybody’s lips is “when is season 2 coming?” Well, we finally have an answer!

Netflix has announced the Emmy-winning Aussie production will return to our screens on April 11. And there’ll be some new faces to look out for!


Heartbreak High Season 2 Cast:

The second season will see Furiosa actor Angus Sampson joining the teaching staff as Mr. Timothy Voss, the Head of P.E. He’s described as “an uber-masculine sports teacher set to put an end to the bleeding hearts of Hartley high.”

Rachel House and Chika Ikogwe will reprise their roles as staff members Woody and Jojo.

The Fabelmans actor Sam Rechner will play Rowan Callaghan, a country boy who joins the school. According to a release, he has a “dry wit and a passion for classic cinema” and finds himself “thrown headfirst into the chaos of Hartley High and truly epic love triangle.”

Deadloch actor Kartanya Maynard will play Zoe Clarke, “an opinionated celibacy advocate who, along with her gang of Puriteens, threatens to bring down the SLT (Sexual Literacy Tutorial) class from within.”

And of course, it wouldn’t be Hartley High without the regulars – Ayesha Madon, Chloé Hayden, Thomas Weatherall, James Majoos, AsherYasbincek, Will McDonald, Gemma Chua-Tran, Bryn Chapman Parish, Sherry-Lee Watson, Brodie Townsend and Josh Heuston.


Chloe Hayden and Ayesha Madon of Heartbreak High as their characters in a promo photo showing them at school

Chloé Hayden and Ayesha Madon; courtesy Netflix

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What Will Heartbreak High season 2 be about?

It may seem hard to top the drama and scandal of Term 1, but it sounds like we’re in for even more chaos!

Per the logline, “All our heroes are back for Term Two at the ‘lowest ranking school in the district.’ But fresh hotties, a new sports teacher and a mystery assailant throw any hopes for a peaceful term into disarray, while the race for school captain is seeing dirty tactics run rife through Hartley High. Yep…It’s Term 2 bitches, and it’s more chaotic than ever.”


Fun Facts about Heartbreak High:

Since the series premiered on 14 September 2022, Heartbreak High has won a bunch of awards including an International Emmy Award, a Best Supporting Actor Logie for Thomas Weatherall, as well as nominations for Ayesha Madon and Chloé Hayden in the Most Popular New Talent category! It also spent five weeks in Australia’s top 10 TV shows on Netflix plus reached the top 10 in over 43 countries around the world. Yep, we definitely can’t get enough of the kids from Hartley High!


(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Netflix)

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