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Netflix Shares First Look at ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 4!

Emily in Paris is in production and Netflix is giving us a first look at what we can expect – think colourful style, friendships and love!

In the images shared by the streaming giant, Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) and Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo) seem to be celebrating something while having a laugh with friends. They’re both raising a coffee cup and are looking right into each other’s eyes. Hmmm….


Emily in Paris still season 4 showing Emily and Gabriel smiling together and toasting something



But of course, there’s also Emily’s current boyfriend Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount)…

A still of Alfie and EMily from Emily in Paris first look season 4. The two of them appear to be sitting in a crowd looking at something.



And Camille (played by Camille Razat) who, we found out at the end of season 3, had some pretty big news to share…

A still from Emily in Paris season 4 showing Camille talking to Emily



And there’s Emily’s BFF and fellow style icon Mindy (played by Ashley Park), boss Sylvie (played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and Emily’s cheeky work friends Luc and Julien (played by Bruno Gouery and Samuel Arnold).

Mindy and Emily



a still from season 4 showing emily walking down a street in a teddy coat



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First look at Emily in Paris season 4 showing Emily wearing a colourful fluffy coat and smiling outdoors



Luc and Julian from Emily in Paris season 4 sitting at a table together and smiling.


According to the official season 4 synopsis, “Emily and Gabriel’s chemistry is undeniable as they work together towards a Michelin star, but two big secrets threaten to undo everything they’ve dreamed of. She has strong feelings for two men but now Gabriel’s expecting a baby with his ex, and Alfie’s worst fears about her and Gabriel have been confirmed.”

Meanwhile, Sylvie is “forced to confront a thorny dilemma from her past for the sake of her marriage, and the Agence Grateau team navigates personnel shakeups.” Plus Mindy and her band are preparing for Eurovision “but when funds run dry, they’re forced to get thrifty.”

a still of Sylvie wearing an elegant coat and speaking with a man


Whatever happens, it sounds like we’re in for a lot of fun!

So when will Emily in Paris season 4 be released, you may be wondering? It’ll be split into two parts (Bridgerton-style) with the first five episodes of part one airing on August 15 and part two airing September 12.

(Feature Image Credit: Netflix)

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