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Felicity Ward will star in 'The Office Australia'. In this photo she wears a blue blazer and pink shirt while holding a pink coffee cup.

An Aussie Version of ‘The Office’ is Happening Starring Felicity Ward

We’ve had David Brent in the U.K. and Michael Scott in the U.S. Now, Hannah Howard is taking over middle management in a female-led version of everyone’s favourite mockumentary sitcom, The Office – Australia!

Prime Video has announced the eight-part comedy series will star actor Felicity Ward, who is known for her roles in Wakefield and The Inbetweeners 2. 

Ricky Gervais, co-creator, co-writer and star of the original series says, “I’m very excited about Australia remaking my little show from the turn of the century. Office politics have changed a bit in 20 years, so can’t wait to see how they navigate a modern-day David Brent.”

The BAFTA and Golden Globe-winning comedy has already been remade for audiences around the world, including France, Canada, Chile, Israel, India, the Middle East and Poland. This Aussie version will be its 13th adaptation (14 versions in total)!



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What will The Office Australia be about?

According to the streaming service, Felicity’s character, Hannah, will be the director of packaging company Flinley Craddick: “When she gets news from Head Office that they will be shutting down her branch and making everyone work from home, she goes into survival mode, making promises she can’t keep in order to keep her ‘work family’ together. The staff of Flinley Craddick indulge her and must endure Hannah’s outlandish plots as they work toward the impossible targets that have been set for them.”


Which actors will take part in The Office Australia?

In addition to Felicity Ward, The Office Australia will star Edith Poor (The Power of the Dog),  Steen Raskopolous (The Duchess), Shari Sebbens (Thor: Love and Thunder), Pallavi Sharda (The Twelve), Firass Dirani (House Husbands) and more!


When will The Office Australia air?

The Office Australia will exclusively launch in 2024 on Prime Video globally in more than 240 countries (excluding the U.S.) and will be available in the Prime membership.

Production is expected to start in Australia in June with filming to take place over 8 weeks.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Prime Video)


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