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Joshua Bassett Highlights Harmful Impact of Online Comments Doubting Survivors

Trigger Warning // Sexual Assault. 

Joshua Bassett is speaking out about the damaging impact of online comments which doubt survivors of sexual assault and minimise their experiences.

The musician and actor who plays Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, recently opened up to GQ about being a survivor himself, in the hopes of helping others.

And while the interview attracted a flood of online support, there were – as there always are – a number of people who left ignorant comments. But Joshua is not having a bar of it.


Sharing one of the derogatory comments in his Instagram stories (which I won’t be repeating here), Joshua responds, “And we wonder why more people don’t come forward.”

He explains that his own experience started at the age of 5: “You haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about and how damaging it is.”

He shared several other comments too, rightly captioning them “disgusting.”

“I’m unfortunately able to let these things roll off my shoulder and not take them personally,” he continues, suggesting others can be seriously impacted by the words left online.

“Just do me a favour: never, ever, ever say such vile things to, at, or about anyone else ever again. We are better than this.”

Joshua explains that its these very comments which push him to continue advocating for survivors: “Those who speak like this are the REASON why I keep going.”


“And if I can help JUST one person feel empowered, all the internet nonsense melts away.”

He ends his message by sending “love and light to everyone, including the people who made those comments.”

*If you or anyone you know needs support, please contact 1800 RESPECT in Australia or reach out to your local helpline in your country. You are never alone.

(Feature Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock)

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