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Ashley Judd is lying down as two Black women hold her hand and comfort her.

Ashley Judd Praises the Congolese Men and Women Who Cared For Her After Rainforest Accident

Ashley Judd has shared more details about her near-fatal accident in a rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo and says she’s full of gratitude for those who cared for her and carried her to safety. The Hollywood star revealed last week that she was on a Bonobo research excursion when she tripped over and shattered her…

Ashley Judd, a still from her Facebook live video in Bangladesh

Ashley Judd Meets Rohingya Women and Children in Bangladesh

Hollywood star Ashley Judd is in Bangladesh, sharing both heartbreaking and beautiful stories of Rohingya women and children in refugee camps. A Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Ashley is using her platform to remind us – as we flick through our often vacuous social media feeds – there is a humanitarian crisis going on and we…