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2 photos side by side of Dave Grohl preparing food for The Big Umbrella charity in Melbourne. He wears a black t-shirt and black gloves.

Dave Grohl Feeds Hundreds of People Experiencing Homelessness in Melbourne

Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl has taken some time out of his tour stop in Melbourne, Australia to feed hundreds of people experiencing homelessness. According to The Big Umbrella Foundation, a charity providing hunger relief for people in need, the rock star put on an American-style barbecue involving an 18-hour marinating and cooking process. Yes, he cooked…

Dave Grohl performs on stage with one hand in the air making a peace sign.

Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters Respond to Westboro Protestors With Love…and Dancing!

Anytime the Foo Fighters perform in Kansas, members of the hate group who call themselves the “Westboro Baptist Church” (but FYI are not actually affiliated with any Baptist denomination and have in fact been denounced by the Baptist World Alliance) rock up to protest outside their concert venue. And they did just that last night, near…