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Taika Waititi wears a blue tux and black bow tie at a red carpet event. He has some greying facial hair and is smiling at the camera. Behind him is a blur of paparazzi.

Taika Waititi Takes Part in Campaign to Help “Unteach Racism” in Schools

Taika Waititi is taking part in an important campaign to help identify, confront and hopefully dismantle racism in schools across New Zealand. The film-maker and Hollywood star has teamed up with the Teaching Council who want to “Unteach Racism” – address widespread racist attitudes in class and empower the teaching profession to take action. Advertisement…

A still from Dax's "Black Lives Matter" video, produced by Barba Sauce and filmed by Damien Sandoval. (Source: YouTube)

Dax is Donating Proceeds of “Black Lives Matter” Song to Help End Police Brutality

Dax has released his powerful new song “Black Lives Matter” about racial injustice and the need for change – and he’s donating the proceeds to help fight police brutality. The Nigerian-Canadian artist begins the song with the words “I can’t breathe” and later, goes on to mention the families of George Floyd and the many…