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Nicole Scherzinger Shows Support For Mauna Kea Protectors

(Photo: © @cody_fay/ Instagram, reproduced with permission.) One minute she’s right here pushing that golden buzzer on Australia’s Got Talent, the next, Nicole Scherzinger is back in Hawaii supporting her local community. The superstar met with protectors of Mauna Kea on the Big Island this week, who  are peacefully demonstrating the construction of a giant telescope….

Screen grab via @therock/Instagram

The Rock Visits Native Hawaiians Demonstrating Against Construction of Giant Telescope

This week we’ve seen just how much influence celebrities have in drawing world-wide attention to issues important to them – issues that may not’ve generated as much discussion in Australia because they’re happening so far away from us. First, we had Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi joining hundreds of thousands of fellow Puerto Ricans in calling…