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Sir Elton John defends Prince Harry and Meghan Markle against tabloid criticism

How We Can Support Elton John’s Calls to Stop “Relentless” Attacks on Meghan and Harry

Sir Elton John has everyone talking today about the “relentless” attacks on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by the UK press. The environmentally-conscious royals are being slammed in the tabloids for using a private jet to travel to France. “THEIR ROYAL HYPOCRITES!” it reads on one paper, followed by “HEIR HEADS!” in big, bold letters….

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex meeting a young girl through Well Child Photo: Instagram/@wellchild)

Everything You Need to Know About the Charities Benefiting from the #GlobalSussexBabyShower

You may’ve heard, there’s a global, virtual baby shower taking place for HRH The Duchess of Sussex right now. Some fans came up with this brilliant idea where, instead of buying Meghan Markle a present (which, tbh, she’d probably never receive anyway), you donate to some of her favourite charities. So, want to get involved…