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Russell Crowe (Photo: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock.com)

Russell Crowe Donates $5k to Help Student go to Drama School

Russell Crowe just pulled a Taylor Swift and boosted a stranger’s GoFundMe page! The Hollywood star came across a fundraiser by Harry Pritchard, a 23-year-old North Yorkshire student who’s been offered a place at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, but couldn’t afford the tuition and living expenses. So Russell not only donated £2,741…

The new plaque at Australia' Zoo's Wildlife Hospital

Russell Crowe and John Oliver Help Save Koalas From Chlamydia

Just when you thought Russell Crowe‘s ‘Art of Divorce’ auction couldn’t possibly get any better, IT DOES! Not only did ‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver buy a bunch of his stuff (like the jockstrap from Cinderella Man and a vest from Les Mis) for one of the last remaining Blockbuster video stores in Alaska…now we’ve learned that the money Russell received…

Russell Crowe

Celebrities, Gossip, Lies, and the Right to Privacy

Aussie star Russell Crowe is on the cover of a magazine. His smiling face is next to another smiling face, media personality Fifi Box. And then the words, in big, bold, can’t-miss-it-from-10-miles-away, giant letters “WE’RE SO IN LOVE!” (Just a few weeks earlier he was “TOGETHER AT LAST” with Delta Goodrem. And a while before…

Celebs say NO to bullying

Sometimes, the internet really is bloody amazing. A dad from West Yorkshire, England recently took to Twitter asking people to send his son positive messages for his birthday. Ollie, who is turning 9, has been having a hard time with a bully. His dad, Christopher, wanted to make sure this bully didn’t ruin Ollie’s special…